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In this month's masterclasses we'll explore ADHD and relationships including how to explain the ADHD brain to others and communication strategies.  You will leave this masterclass with practical steps to improve communication and understanding in relationships.  In our next masterclass, we'll look at the impact of anxiety on ADHD.  You will leave this masterclass with a better understanding of how anxiety works on the ADHD brain. 

ADHD Strategy Monthly Group: Services


Live ADHD Strategy Masterclass is for the person who wants to learn new ways to understand their ADHD brain. It's for the person who's tired of outdated, one-size-fits all suggestions to be different. It's for the person who wants real strategies to harness their strengths and support areas of struggle.  It's for the person who wants to know they are not alone. This is for the person who wants to live their best life with ADHD.

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. In this masterclass you will:

  • learn about the way the ADHD brain works based on the most recent research

  • change existing self narratives that undermine success and impact emotional health

  • identify areas of strength and how to incorporate them into daily activities

  • identify area of struggle such as starting or finishing projects, organization, understanding how time works, forgetting things or being late, and many more, as well as how to mitigate or overcome those obstacles

Part training, part discussion, part Q & A, this is for the individual who wants to learn about a variety of topics and pick and choose what they take from each session. This subscription grants unlimited access. The ADHD Excellence Coach will speak on a specific topic related to navigating the world with ADHD. Topics change monthly and groups. Each group allows time for discussion and questions.  $20 per month

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