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ive had it since 2007 and only listened to it a handful of times since. its a true masterpiece of the classical greek era and the guitarists are great. the harp part is one of the best ever. Great sound, great playing. Also of interest is the fact that this was recorded with a pair of Classic 30s and a Shure SMT60d capsule. This release contains no digipak; it was just plain white cover. How come? Yes this one was a digipak. The reason why this release contains no digipak is because it was a zipped up jewelcase. We have not offered digipaks because they just make it easier for people to do the wrong thing. very nice touch.. in fact i have a classical cd, the otd & a word of promise. out of those two the atp is the one i prefer. you are absolutely right. this is one of the best versions ever in my opinion. One of my favorite classical recordings of all time, and one of my favorite guitarists. He uses a pretty (not the best) version of the harp which is played really well. The track 'Sunrise' is the best track here and the duet with the harp is very good. Overall a great recoding and I would recommend it to any classical guitar lover. A gorgeous recording. They've got a fairly limited repertoire here and they play it all like angels. Not sure if there's any difference between the CDs. I can't find anything. Bass are done through a TD2 with the rosewood basket, which I don't think is up to the task. And the harp is done through the rack. I think I'd recommend a ribbon or a decent condenser for that.State of the Union Address: Trump Calls for Unity, but Will He Act on Needs of America's Men, Women and Children? We recommend that you upgrade your browser to view this interactive content. State of the Union Address: Trump Calls for Unity, but Will He Act on Needs of America's Men, Women and Children? President Donald J. Trump, as he prepares for his first State of the Union address, set out to “extend a hand” to the American people and “unify” the nation. In a pointed, divisive speech, he called for unity in America but remained



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Zeus Master Of Olympus Cd Crack quatras

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