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Kristen McWilliams, MA,  ADHD Certified Coach
Specializing in Youth and Adults, Newly Diagnosed, Communication, Live Transitions

Looking to discover and harness your strengths and minimize frustration? Are you navigating an unfamiliar season of life? Do you want to process your ADHD diagnosis and make a plan to flourish? Would you like to improve your communication or bolster your relationships? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I'd be honored to come alongside you for coaching. 
Hi, my name is Kristen McWilliams. I have a Master of Science in Counseling and six years of experience as a certified life coach, as well as a facilitator and trainer of the relational assessment Prepare and Enrich.
I am a working mom that feels exhilarated when I can work in and from my “sweet spots” and help others to do the same. Let’s face it, our lives have a lot of competing priorities, and it's hard to know how to come alive in the midst of that. Additionally, for a brain experiencing ADHD,  it can feel even more overwhelming to sort things into their proper designation. 
Interested in learning more? Schedule a free, twenty-minute consultation. I look forward to connecting!

Meet Kristen: About Me
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