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Nicole Weible- ADHD Certified Coach
Specializing in Health and Wellness, Consistency, and relationships

Hello there!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Nicole, and I am a certified professional life coach, as well as a certified ADHD coach!  A little about me: I love dance fitness, spending time with family and friends, taking pictures, long walks, trying new restaurants, decorating, and wine tasting just to name a few of my passions and interests.

My style of coaching comes from an open minded, non-judgemental place, and a place of being empathetic, patient, and understanding to the needs of my clients.  I am an accountability partner for my clients, and we work together as a team, with lots of goal setting as a form of making some positive changes.

So here are my questions for you:

Do you feel "stuck in a rut" in certain areas of your life and feel your ADHD may be holding you back?

Is there something or some things in your life you would like to change and get clarity on within your current relationship or relationships?

Are you looking to become healthier and want to commit to better eating habits, and consistency with working out?

Do you struggle to focus on a task or tasks, and in turn you end up feeling overwhelmed?

If these questions feel relatable to you, then let's chat!  I'd love to meet you and work together as a team!

Meet Nicole: About Me
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