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Take Control of Your Time

ADHD Time Management Service is for the person who wants to do it all. It is for the person who struggles to find time to get everything done. For the person who goes to bed at night feeling like they haven't accomplished the things that are most important.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then this program is for you.

We want to help you get done what matters most.

ADHD Time Management allows you to outsource all of the structure and time management. It helps alleviate the feelings of anxiety, depression, and sense of failure that come from not getting the important things done.

When you subscribe to ADHD Time Management service, you will be assigned a scheduling master who has been trained to work specifically to work with the ADHD brain. Some of the things your scheduling master will address and incorporate are:

  • how long tasks actually take

  • making time for tasks of daily living

  • help identifying priorities

  • Providing accountability

  • help with time related issues such as being late or forgetting appointments

  • helping recognize emotionally taxing tasks or activities and scheduling accordingly

  • creating an external structure that promotes time-awareness, self-care, and efficient task management

There are multiple programs that allow you to access your scheduling master as frequently as you need. Users of ADHD Time Management service report that working with their scheduling master has helped with “learning how time works” and has helped, “alleviate the sense of failure”

Because everyone's scheduling needs are different, there are multiple options to make ADHD Time Management work for you.

Every subscription starts with an initial meeting. This allows you to meet your scheduling master and introduce them to all of the things that are most important for you to get done each week. From there, your scheduling master will be able to start working with you to create an external structure with accountability.

The initial month for every program includes the initial hour meeting, beta schedule, and follow-up which is 100.00.  After that you pick the program that works best for you.

Subscription options are below:

Studying at Home


Entirely through email. Every two weeks your schedule master will check in by email to get any changes to your schedule, new priorities, and appointments. You will then receive your personalized schedule through a shared document. You can check in with your scheduler as needed via email.
50.00 per month


Everything included in the basic with the addition of 1 half hour face-to-face meeting per month to go over detailed scheduling, priorities, and scheduling strategies.
80.00 per month

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Everything included in the basic with the addition of two monthly face to face meetings to assess rotating or multiple priorities, create varying and complex schedules, and collaborate on a streamlined schedule to maximize efficiency.
120.00 per month


Do you need to meet with your master scheduler more often? Do you need an updated schedule every week?  Every day? Would you like your scheduler to check in more often for accountability? Schedule a free consultation with a master scheduler to discuss building a plan that works for you.

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Each Time Management subscription comes with a membership to the ReVision ADHD Community group.

Questions? Email us directly! Ready to change your life? Sign up now!

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