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The next ADHD training for mental health professionals will be held on: February 25th, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. 

Training for Mental Health Professionals: Text


Jolie Beth Boudreaux, MA, LPC draws from 20 years of professional experience, as well a lifetime of personal experience, to help adults, students, business owners, and parents live their best life with ADHD.

Therapy and the ADHD Brain:

In this 2-hour training, you will train directly with Jolie Beth to increase knowledge and competency when working with clients who are struggling with ADHD.  

In this training you will learn:

- A brief history of ADHD 

- How the ADHD brain works with emphasis on time, attention, and executive functioning

- Commonly overlooked indications of ADHD

- Common complaints specific to ADHD

- Comorbidities

- Interventions to more effectively work with clients diagnosed with ADHD

This training is appropriate for those professionals who:

- Want a basic understanding of ADHD and awareness of how the ADHDbrain works

- Primarily work with clients in which ADHD may accompany other mental health concerns

Training for Mental Health Professionals: Welcome

This training is also offered in half-day, full-day, and 2-day.  The trainings increase in detail, case studies, review of the research, and applicable interventions as duration increases.

Click the button below to contact Jolie Beth directly about ADHD trainings or to request detailed programs.  The next training will be held on February 25th at 10:00 am Mountain Time. Subscribe to be notified of future scheduled training sessions.

Training for Mental Health Professionals: Text
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