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We have a few quick questions:

​1. Are you looking for an ADHD diagnosis?

If yes: Although we work with people who have been formally diagnosed with ADHD, as well as people who are self-diagnosed or are struggling with some of the same issues frequently experienced with ADHD, we do not and cannot provide a diagnosis. It's important to see a licensed physical or mental health provider for an official diagnosis.

2. Do you need/want to use insurance?

If yes: Coaching is not covered by any insurance, this includes all private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.  At ReVision, we believe that this shouldn't be a barrier to quality ADHD coaching. Therefor, we provide multiple ADHD coaching programs for every budget. 

3. Are you currently in crisis or do you want to address a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, or trauma unrelated to ADHD?

If yes: If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis call 911 now. If you want to address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma please seek mental health treatment from a licensed physical or mental health provider. At ReVision, we are unable to provide mental health treatment for these issues but are happy to work with you to create goals and strategies for your best life with ADHD while you work with a counselor to address your mental health.

Coaching with ReVision is a life transforming experience. Answering “Yes” to any of the above questions does not mean ReVision ADHD coaching isn't right for you, but we encourage you to keep these in mind when scheduling your free consultation.

What to expect during this session:

  • meet your coach and see if you develop a connection.  Relationship is important!

  • identify pain points

  • identify initial goals

  • explore a potential path forward

Prescreen questions: Welcome
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