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​ Initial session:

  • meet your coach   

  • identify pain points

  • identify an initial goal

  • explore a potential path forward

Second session:

  • learn about you

  • establish a clear goal based on strengths, desires, and pain points

  • design a success plan to achieve your goal

  • create initial strategy to do during session or before the next session to jump start your success

Subsequent sessions:

  • check in on wins and struggles since the last session

  • work together each session to develop and implement real life strategies to propel you toward your goal

  • build on existing working strategies and develop the next goal

How your guide helps you achieve success:

  • determine what coaching engagement works best for you.

  • help you define and prioritize your goals

  • teaching about the way the ADHD brain works

  • challenge negative beliefs or incorrect myths about ADHD that undermine success 

  • establish and manage expectations

  • identify strategies to develop confidence and incorporate happiness into daily life

  • outline action steps

  • help you balance accountability and grace toward yourself

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