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- You will truly be understood.  Because every coach with ReVision is intimately connected to ADHD whether it has been raising successful ADHD children or growing up with ADHD themselves.

- You will work with an expert. Each ReVision ADHD coach has a background in coaching or mentoring and has completed an extensive training program in ADHD designed by someone who has ADHD and has been helping others with ADHD for over 20 years.   We also meet biweekly for continuing education, to share successes, and learn from each other so every client has the benefit of the group knowledge.

You will make your own goals. And meet them.  We know that ADHD presents differently for everyone and therefor there is no single philosophy or program that will work for everyone. You will work with your coach to design a success plan that works best for you. 

- You will not go broke. We believe that anyone should be able to live their best life with ADHD. We offer affordable coaching services for any budget. (Still struggling to afford coaching? Our scholarship funded sliding scale will be starting soon!)

Why You Will Succeed: About Me
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