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DeHaven Mays- ADHD Certified Coach
Specializing in LQBTQ+ identified Youth and Adults, and High School and College Students

Are you an LGBTQ-identified, hyperactive ADHD person? Hey me too! 

My name is DeHaven Mays and my pronouns are they/them. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my wife, two cats, and wacky pitbull. I work full time as a non-profit educator who provides education and coaching to create safer spaces for LGBTQ youth and young adults to thrive. 

In my coaching, whether it is around LGBTQ identities, living with ADHD, or student success (including academic, social, and/or athletic) I focus on creating a safer space for folks to be their vulnerable, full selves. My vibe is playful, energetic, and authentically me so that you feel more comfortable being you. I use my graduate degrees in sociology and education to identify complexities around us and explore tools to help you reach the goals we will set and work towards together. 

In sessions with me you can expect a hyperactive and playful approach as we rock out your goals. The first session we will meet to establish your goals and see if we click. From there we will brainstorm various tools that work with your specific brain so you can see the legend you are! Let's play!

Meet DeHaven: About Me
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