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Teia Guber - ADHD Certified Coach
Specializing in female entrepreneurs and business professionals, adults with multiple personal and/or professional endeavors

Hey! I am Teia, and I help creative, multi-passionate entrepreneurs with ADHD clarify their vision and build their dream business, step by step.

By working together, we will:

- Identify your zone of genius and develop profitable skills

- Build habits that will ensure your business and private lives are in perfect harmony with what you want to achieve.
- Identify limiting beliefs and get rid of them.

- Reduce procrastination and overwhelm
-Create a profitable business that is right for your uniqe ADHD brain!
- Improve your productivity and master your time
- Maintain a consistent motivation and high energy

Trust me i know how it feels

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my late 20s.

Until then, I suffered from social anxiety, low self-esteem, a lack of focus, and I didn’t feel like I fit in.

My life changed when i was first introduced to NLP coaching nine years ago, and since then I have launched and co-founded five (!!) successful businesses in different industries in Los Angeles and worldwide that have grown to multiple 6 and 7 figures.

I integrate NLP and positive psychology with marketing strategy and business planning.

My background is in psychology. I am a master NLP practitioner, certified life coach, and emotional intelligence coach.  

As a business coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs, I am passionate about coaching individuals with ADHD.


In my experience, entrepreneurs with ADHD have the most significant chance of success when they receive the right guidance and coaching!

We are genuine, creative visionaries who have a unique way of thinking.

We are sensitive to other people’s needs.

We think fast and create solutions on the go.

We are innovative, generous risk-takers.

We have great senses of humor.

This is a killer band of personality traits once we receive proper guidance and an action plan that fits our unique brains!

If you tried many things before and none of them worked, it’s because most things are designed for neurotypical individuals.

I remember feeling exactly like you a few years ago!

I thought I needed help, but traditional therapy did not account for ADHD. I found it ineffective in treating my unique needs.

You are not lazy, confused, or crazy; you just have a different operating system, one that is meant to create and innovate!

Meet Teia: About Me


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Teia and Revision ADHD Coaching and Consulting! I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities at work and at home and was having trouble managing my time. I used what few compensatory strategies I had, but I was still struggling to juggle work, the house, my family and still find time for myself. I was feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and often felt like a failure. 
I only had experience with grief counseling prior to starting with Revision ADHD Coaching and Consulting, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a coaching session. Teia was very patient with me when I didn’t gauge my time correctly (something that I learned a lot about through the sessions!) and arrived late to my first session. She still look the time to get to know me and talk through my areas of difficulty. She made me feel heard and seen and I left the session feeling uplifted. Teia provided me with so much knowledge on what ADHD is and how it affects the brain. She walked me through some new strategies and helped me develop a game plan for day to day life, both at home and at work. 
I feel SO much more calm and confident throughout the days and weeks now that I have a new system in place. I am able to manage my time, tackle tasks more efficiently, and now have more time to spend with my family! Teia mentioned in our last session that I looked like I was glowing, and she was right! I feel happier, healthier, lighter, and overall like a different person! 
If you’re struggling to manage and balance life, I strongly encourage you to seek out Revision ADHD Coaching and Consulting. They are professional, caring, client-oriented and extremely helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Teia!

Vistoria S

Meet Teia: Testimonials
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